Our copyright catalog and hundreds of songs are available to be used for film, television, interactive games, and other modern digital media.


As experts in the music industry, we can assist with artist development, branding, and event logistics.

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Music and Event Consultants

Our more than 30 years in the music industry allows us to serve almost all of your music business needs...

Supervision and facilitation of entire live event design including design; coordination of stage crew activities; set up and positioning of stage elements such as instruments, equipment, or background sets; supervision of technical matters such as lighting, speakers, microphones, and other sound equipment; and supervising cues such as technical cues and other stage actions.

Live Event Production and Stage Management

Obtaining talent for live performances, including facilitating and arranging performances, negotiating deals, arranging proper technical set-ups for shows, and securing hospitality and travel.

Talent Booking

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